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Dental Technology

Our dental technology allows for accurate diagnoses and a streamlined treatment process.

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Dental Technology, Dartmouth Dentist

Informing Your Treatment Plan

The technology we use can give us great insight into your oral health. It lets us capture clear images of your teeth, mouth, gums, and jaw. We can share these images with you on a computer screen in the treatment room so you can better understand your diagnosis and why we may recommend certain treatment plans. 

We can develop these treatment plans in collaboration with other dental professionals. In cases where you may need specialized treatment, the digital images can be easily accessed and shared between dental professionals and specialists for more coordinated dental care.

Finally, dental technology helps make dental appointments run as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays use digital sensors instead of traditional X-ray film. They create detailed computer images of your teeth, gums, and other oral structures. They allow your dentist to examine parts of the mouth that are invisible to the naked eye, allowing for quicker diagnosis and treatment planning.

Panoramic X-Rays

Panoramic X-rays allow your dentist to create a single image of your entire mouth. This image is a flat representation of the teeth, upper and lower jaws, temporomandibular joints (TMJ), and the nasal and sinus structures. They can help plan for dentures, extractions and implants.

Dental Lasers

Dental lasers can replace a scalpel during various dental procedures, including frenectomies, dental implants and more. This can result in less discomfort, faster healing times and reduced bleeding and swelling during these procedures.

Intraoral Scanners

Intraoral scanners create digital dental impressions using an optical scanning wand. They allow your dentist to create digital replicas of the hard and soft tissues of your mouth. They can be used to plan Invisalign treatment or to create custom-fitted dental appliances.

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