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Dental Appliances

Our clinic offers custom-fitted dental appliances designed to help preserve and protect your oral and overall health.

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Dental Appliances, Dartmouth Dentist

Protect Your Oral Health

For those of us who like to play sports or have habits like teeth grinding or jaw clenching, dental appliances can be helpful in keeping our oral structures safe.

We offer custom-fitted dental appliances to help protect the health of your oral cavity. 

Sports guards can prevent injuries during physical activity, while night guards can help alleviate the effects of teeth grinding or jaw clenching during sleep.

Custom-Fitted Sports Guards

Our sports guards are typically made by taking an impression of your teeth, which we then send to a dental lab. The appliance is created there using durable materials, usually silicone or laminate.

Sports guards prevent dental injuries during physical activities by absorbing and dispersing impact forces that could otherwise cause damage, allowing you to enjoy your favourite sports without worrying about harm to your mouth.

Custom-Fitted Night Guards

Like sports guard, night guards are made by taking an impression of your teeth. This impression is sent to a dental lab for fabrication, typically using either acrylic or soft plastics.

A night guard can be a simple and effective solution if you grind your teeth or clench your jaw while sleeping. It not only protects your teeth, but also relieves the pain caused by jaw clenching.

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