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Children's Dental Services

Children's Dental Services, Dartmouth Dentist

We understand the unique needs of children's dental health and offer tailored services to help keep their smiles strong.

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Children's Dental Services, Dartmouth Dentist

Generations of Trusted Care

For over 30 years, we have been providing dental care for Dartmouth families. Throughout this time, we have developed lasting friendships with our patients. 

We’d like to extend that same hospitality to you by offering a range of dental services for kids and their developing smiles. We are dedicated to providing your child with the most positive dental experience possible.

We know that children may find the dentist intimidating, so we aim to create a relaxed and friendly environment for them. We will work at your child's pace and take breaks if they feel overwhelmed. We’ll explain each step of the process in a child-friendly way and ask their permission before continuing so they feel comfortable and in control of their own dental experience.

Your Child's First Visit

Infants should be seen by a dentist after their first six months of age, or at least by their first birthday. By this time, the primary teeth are beginning to erupt, so it’s a critical time to spot any problems before they become big concerns.

Dental Services for Kids

Our dentists at Alderney Dental Group are committed to providing individualized care that addresses the particular needs of each child they treat.

Preventive Dental Hygiene

Regular exams and cleanings for your child, ideally twice a year, are essential for maintaining their oral health. Additionally, sealants can offer an effective way to safeguard your child's teeth from decay by creating a protective barrier on the molars. This helps prevent food buildup and bacteria that can lead to cavities.

At each appointment, we will also give them guidance on proper oral hygiene practices at home so that they can maintain a healthy smile between visits.

Restorative Dental Services

Restorative treatments, such as dental fillings, may be necessary if your child develops a cavity. Restorative treatments can help revive the health and function of their teeth while preventing further damage.

Children's Dental Services, Dartmouth Dentist

New Patients Always Welcome

We are accepting new patients! Don't hesitate to contact us and take the first step toward achieving better oral health.

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