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Periodontics in Dartmouth


Your gums are vulnerable to infection and injury, conditions which, left untreated, can lead to gum disease. Periodontal treatments help reduce the risk of gum disease and provide treatment for symptoms when they occur.

Scaling and root planing

Deep cleaning techniques are sometimes necessary to remove built-up tartar on your teeth, especially if the buildup is above your gum line. Root planing removes rough areas and imperfections from the roots of your teeth before they can irritate your gums and potentially cause infections.

Tooth extraction

Tooth extractions sometimes become necessary for health reasons. We extract teeth as painlessly as we can. It’s important to replace an extracted tooth as soon as possible to prevent your remaining teeth from shifting.

Ridge/socket preservation

When a tooth is lost or extracted, the bone tissue around the empty socket left by the tooth can begin to break down. Over time this can result in bone loss in the area. We can prevent this from happening and treat bone loss by filling the socket with material.

Sinus augmentation

When we’re placing a dental implant in the upper jaw it is common that the existing bone tissue is too thin to properly support the implant. In such cases we need to augment the bone with donor material.

Bone grafts

Deteriorated or injured bone tissue can be restored with bone grafts. We surgically graft donor tissue to the affected area. Over time the donor tissue integrates into your natural bone and restores the area.

Gum grafting

To restore gum tissue lost to gum disease or injury we can graft gum tissue from another part of your mouth or from a tissue donor over the area. The graft heals and forms part of your natural gum tissue.

Pocket depth reduction

Small pockets can form around the roots of your teeth. If these pockets become deep enough, they begin to trap food and bacteria and can be sources of infection. We examine your gums to detect these pockets and surgically reduce their depth to prevent this from happening.

Flap procedures

To access infected areas of your jawbones or gums we need to make an incision in your gums to open up a flap of tissue. Once your treatment is over we close the flap with sutures.


Frenula are small pieces of skin and tissue that connect different areas in your mouth. Sometimes patients can suffer from frenula that are too tight. In these cases, we surgically remove the frenula to reduce pain and discomfort.

Crown lengthening

To correct a gummy smile or to prepare a tooth for restoration we remove a small amount of gum tissue and expose the base of the tooth.

If you are suffering from the symptoms of gum disease contact us today to book an examination.

Videos about Periodontics:

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