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Endodontics in Dartmouth


If the soft tissue and nerves inside your teeth are damaged, or exposed to infection by tooth decay or injury, they can become infected. If this infection isn’t treated it can spread to the tissue surrounding the tooth and form a painful abscess or cause the tooth to be lost.

To save the tooth we perform an endodontic procedure known commonly as root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is the process of removing the soft tissue from inside the tooth and then restoring the tooth with a crown or filling. Modern root canal treatment is often no more painful than having a filling placed in a tooth.

If you are suffering from intense toothaches or you suspect you have cracked a tooth, call our office today to book an examination.

Videos about Endodontics:

"Dr Melanson is great as are the dental hygenists & receptionists. 5 stars every time with no fails. Recommend." -- Jayson T.
"I have been going to Dr. Goodine for 25 yrs and would not go elsewhere! The care and kindness I have received from the entire team could not be beat!" -- Kimberly B.
“Dr. Sharma is incredible! She is thoughtful, caring and has a great attitude. Replaced a whole quadrant of my tooth in less than 20 mins! No pain and a few laughs. Highly Recommended.” -- Patient Review
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